rmi rpc restful soa 区别

rmi rpc restful soa 区别


rmi vs rpc



RPC is C based, and as such it has structured programming semantics, on the other side, RMI is a Java based technology and it's object oriented.

With RPC you can just call remote functions exported into a server, in RMI you can have references to remote objects and invoke their methods, and also pass and return more remote object references that can be distributed among many JVM instances, so it's much more powerful.

RMI stands out when the need to develop something more complex than a pure client-server architecture arises. It's very easy to spread out objects over a network enabling all the clients to communicate without having to stablish individual connections explicitly.

RMI as the name indicates Remote Method Invoking: it invokes a method or an object. And

RPC it invokes a function.


rmi vs restful



soap vs rest



SOAP and REST can't be compared directly, since the first is a protocol (or at least tries to be) and the second is an architectural style. This is probably one of the sources of confusion around it, since people tend to call REST any HTTP API that isn't SOAP.


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