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    		    Store Kit Guide(In App Purchase)翻譯
    一.In App Purchase概览 Store Kit代表App和App Store之
  • IAP Store Kit Guide(中文)
    IAP Store Kit Guide(中文) 一.In App Purchase概览 Store Kit代表App和App Store之间进行通信.程序将从App Store接收那些你想要提供的产品的信息,并将它们显示出来供用户购买.当用户需要购买某件产品时,程序调用StoreKit来收集购买信息 ...
  •   Accessing Files and Directories Before you can open a file, you first have to locate it in the file system. The system frameworks provide many routi
  • Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide
    转自:   Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() { A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript Other St
  • 转自:   Google HTML/CSS Style Guide Revision 2.23 Each style point has a summary for which additiona
  • 转自:   Shell Style Guide Revision 1.26 Paul Armstrong Too many more to mention Each style point has a summa
  • 转自:   Google JavaScript Style Guide Revision 2.93 Aaron Whyte Bob Jervis Dan Pupius Erik Arvidss ...
  • Designing Your App’s Products A product is something you want to sell in your app’s store. You create and configure products in iTunes Connect, and yo ...