Google photos reverse thinking

As a hacker, do the hacking.

Here I mean the [hacker]( ) . If you don't understand, never again.


Think in the hacker way.


Now I tried to experience the google photos. It's a new product since the Google IO conference 2015.

The most i want to experience is that google photos can distinguish animals from all your pictures. If you upload your photos there, the google parallel computing servers in Dalas Texas will do some machine learning based on tones of datasets those are derived from enormous objects to return you some pictures which are correspondng to your keywords.


Here I assump a fact that Google photos will not recognize your photos at the very first time after you have uploaded. Google photos will take some time backend on machine learning your photos. At this moment, your searching will not be responded.


Here I downloaded 10 photos of dogs. And try to upload all there.

Google photos  reverse thinking


And here's my google photos. I do not use that often.

Google photos  reverse thinking



Now I am trying to upload these photos at once.

I will perform search **dog** instantly after uploading's finished.


Now upload them all


No limited


Google photos  reverse thinking

And after you've finished uploading.

Try see your photos.

Google photos  reverse thinking



Yes they were upload.

Now try search ASAP.

At a time of

Google photos  reverse thinking

Google photos  reverse thinking


Not. But clearly you have uploaded 10 dog pictures.


Now think out of box. The parrallel coputing servers in Dalas are so busy learning your pictures, comparing your pictures with a enormous dataset which google had ever collected.


When can your get the **dog** result?


Later. ( I try to search it later)


In another way, all your privacy are under the inspection of google. Google can detect a dog, and also google can detect what a human is doing. It's about who, where, when, how and what. All in a photo and things will be revealed on a consumption of machine learning.


What do you think?





At the time of

I got a piece of result about **dog**.


Now the servers in Dalas has just labeled one of the 10 photos which i have uploaded. The next 9 is on-going.

As what google said, they can detech a dog successful at 85%.

If this is for real, in this instance, I could get 7-10 photos if the bias is not too big.


It is still on-going. Try to wait.



Now it's 10:54 P.M.

And yet still only one photo is labeled related to 'dog'.

Google photos  reverse thinking

Is google photos is that accurate?

The accuracy by now is 10%.


You've just uploaded your photos to google. And trust them. But they do not give you what you want to feel.


Or you could take google photos as an image/video warehouse for you. But you pay google/(big brother) with YOUR PRIVACY.





updated at 1:29 A.M. June 2015

Now we can see almost 5 out of 10. Rate at 50%.

Google photos  reverse thinking

Still machine learning...