Coding Guide 2016-01-02

Coding Guide: 1. Google Style Guide: 2. 叩叮 翻译文稿:

Python Coding Guidelines 2015-10-24

Python Coding Guidelines 12/14/07 Written by Rob Knight for the Cogent project Table of Contents Why have coding guidelines? What should I call my variables? What are the naming conventions? How do I organize my modules (source files)? How should I w

Problem 1_03_guess 2015-10-24

一道题目,原题完整叙述如下: Description A competition was just over. It had 3 problems and n players. Eachplayer had an ID number from 1 to n. The final rank wasdecided by the total score of the 3 problems. The higher the total score was,the higher a player ranked

Testing the Limits with Gerald Weinberg 2015-10-24

March 26, 2012 by Mike Brown12 Comments Copyright 2013 uTest Inc. 100 In the latest installment of Testing The Limits we speak with Gerald Weinberg. Jerry has been practicing, tea

Project Euler,值得推薦的編程網站以及我的一點體會 2015-10-23

    		    Project Euler,值得推薦的編程網站以及我的一點體會
两周前看到"推荐几个好玩又有难度的编程网站"这篇文章,对里面提到的几个编程网站都进去看了一下,明显对作者首推的Project Euler(编程网站很有兴趣--"一分钟原则".只要求结果正确.都是描述简短明了的数学题.下面会给出个人认为Project

從Coding Fan到真正的技術專家 2015-10-21

以下文章都是经典,看不看随你的便,我只希望知识掌握在更多中国人的手里! 中国有很多小朋友,他们18,9岁或21,2岁,通过自学也写了不少代码,他们有的代码写的很漂亮,一些技术细节相当出众,也很有钻研精神,但是他们