Coding Guide 2016-01-02

Coding Guide: 1. Google Style Guide: 2. 叩叮 翻译文稿:

Wow of Warcraft839 wow guide 2015-10-31

People snatch up new wow guidess by the dozen as they seek out new tips they did not previously have and hope to get around the thousands of other players actively seeking out their own farming locations.You might be thinking how you can take advanta

A guide to the RSA system / c++ archieve 2015-10-31

RSA是一套用了多年的加密系统,主要运用了数论中大数难以分解但是一个大的素数又相对比较容易判断的性质,关键理论可以查询 欧拉定理.大数运算.素数判定.快速指数模运算,扩展欧几里得算法. 代码如下:采用long long 类型使用小素数进行算法演示,未进行分段处理,所以单个字符加密结果一样. /* 此程序用于演示RSA加密原理 winxos -25*/ #include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <ctime>

strongSwan Configuration Guide 2015-10-30

    		    strongSwan  Configuration Guide
strongSwan - Configuration Guide ---------------------------- strongSwan - Configuration ---------------------------- Contents -------- 1. Overview 2. Quickstart 2.1 Site-to-Site case 2.2 Ho ...

Guide to install NTP for Unix/Linux 2015-10-29

Guide to install NTP for Unix/Linux gzip -d ntp-4.1.72.tar.gz tar -xvf ntp-4.1.72.tar cd ntp-4.1.72 ./configure make make check make install Guide to configure NTP for Unix/Linux Creat an empty file: /etc/ntp.drift Creat /etc/ntp.conf as below: serve

The Grub 2 Guide (formerly Grub 2 Basics) 2015-10-29

The Grub 2 Guide (formerly Grub 2 Basics) 原文链接: Note: Most of this information has been incorporated, with a few graphics, into a page in the Ubuntu Help site. I will try to keep this post up-to-date an

An AntiReverse Engineering Guide 2015-10-28

    		    An AntiReverse Engineering Guide
Download source code - 4.87 KB Table of Contents Breakpoints Int 3 Memory Hardware Timing Attacks RDTSC Win32 Timing APIs Windows Internals ProcessDebugFlags Debug Object Handle Thread Hidin ...

Enterprise Library 2.0 Test Guide下载 2015-10-26

在PnP小组推出Enterprise Library 3.0之前,他们又发布了一个"Enterprise Library Test Guide".这是PnP小组测试Enterprise Library的构思过程和实际使用方法的整理,应该是份相当重要的参考. [url]

solaris installation guide 2015-10-25

    		    solaris installation guide
# ypmatch host-name hosts : IP address for the system # more /etc/netmasks : the system part of a subnet # uname -n : Host name # cat /etc/nsswitch.conf # ypwhich : For NIS clients, type the ... [an error occurred while processing the directive]

Wow of Warcraft479 wow guide 2015-10-24

Ultimate wow guides by Dave Farrell is the best choice. You might be struggling for months or even years just to on top but unfortunately you can hardly achieve your goal.If you were around when the Burning Crusade expansion was released, you know th

6.1.2. Tour Guide: Manage Expectations 2015-10-24

6.1.2. Tour Guide: Manage Expectations 可用性设计师的角色也类似于导游:知道风景的美妙所在,能给品味不同的游客提供很好的娱乐建议.并且给他们起到导向性的作用,让他们尽情享受快乐.设计师设计一个好的用户界面同样也需要达到一个让用户舒心的目的,这就是期望管理的概念,简单来说:一个设计优良的软件总能达到用户期望的效果. User models and program models 那么是什么驱动用户期望的呢?从这个问题出发推出的一些结论和假设可以幫助我们设

PHP Security Guide 2015-10-23

Table of Contents 1. Overview 1.1 What Is Security? 1.2 Basic Steps 1.3 Register Globals 1.4 Data Filtering 1.4.1 The Dispatch Method 1.4.2 The Includ

Team Development with TFS Guide 電子書 2015-10-19

无可置疑,目前跟 Visual Studio2003/2005/2008 整合的最好的,应该还是微软自家的产品:Team Foundation Server/Client,如果你有在使用的话,微软相当有诚意地将这份使用指引开放出来,放在CodePlex上,并且已经发布正式版了:Team Development with TFS Guide,你可以直接前往下载Team Development with TFS Guide 的PDF 文挡. 自由.创新.研究.探索-- 本文出自 "张善友"

stylin&rsquo; with CSS:A Designer&rsquo;s Guide 2015-10-16

第一章:Web标准 1.内容.结构.表现和行为 内容是网页原材料,如文本,图像,视频等.结构是XHTML的标记集合. 表现即外观,用CSS来设置.行为是对浏览者动作的反应,用JavaScript来编写. 好的网页必须做到这4者的严格分离. 2.XHMTL XHTML是将HTML作为XML进行了一次重新表达,可以自定义标签,加强了扩展性. 标准XHMTL的编码要求: 声明DOCTYPE,Strict.Transitional.Frameset. 声明XML命名空间 声明内容类型 关闭每个标签,无论

ibm service guide 2015-10-16

IBM服务器各个机型所对应的SERVERGUIDE引导光盘 v7.2.03 IBM BladeCenter HS20 (8678) IBM eServer xSeries 360, xSeries 440 v7.3