Live your life that the fear of death 2015-10-30

Live your life that the fear of death "Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. 认真过你的生活,让死亡的恐惧永远无法入侵你的心灵. Trouble no one about his religion. 不去亵渎别人的宗教信念, Respect others in their views and demand that they respect yours. 尊重别人的

Ubuntu安装Dropbox客户端 2015-10-30

Ubuntu安装Dropbox客户端 1. 命令行安装 32位系统 $ cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf - 64位系统 $ cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf - 注意链接开头是"htt

Trouble Is a Friend 2015-10-30

Trouble will find you no mater where you go' oh oh. No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow' oh oh. The eye of the storm and the cry in the morn' oh oh. Your fine for a while but then start to loose control. He's there in the dark' he's the

KVM创建虚机遇到的自trouble 2015-10-29

前几天领导让我研究一下在CentOS上面用KVM虚拟化技术,并对虚拟网络进行优化,此前从没有用过KVM,所以花了一上午大体的了解了一下KVM的技术架构,然后跟领导申请了一台PC机. 首先安装了CentOS6.5 完了之后 进行了yum upgrade就变成了6.6 然后我就各种查找,各种尝试依然连接不进去. 最后忽然灵光一闪,想到刚开始在配置文件时打开了VNC的密码..... ...

Lesson 61 Trouble with the Hubble 2015-10-26

The Hubblc telescope was launched into space by NASA on April 20, 1990 at a cost of over a billion dollar. Right from the start there was trouble with the Hubble. The pictures it sent us were very disappointing because its main mirror was faulty! Nas

翻译类:How to stop feeling lonely 2015-10-24

I spent a lot of my early 20s feeling lonely. I didn't want to feel lonely, but I often had trouble feeling like myself around others. 在我20多岁前,我花费了去多时间去体会孤独,并不是我想去这样,只是我在拥有如其他人一样的感受上常常有问题. I'm not lonely anymore and this is why: 以下就是为什么不再觉得孤单的原因: 1.

Trouble Shooting記錄:服務 Microsoft Exchange Information Store 意外停止 2015-10-21

------------- 现象: 下午2010年8月11日6点某客户因机房改造,关闭邮件服务器后再次启动出现: exchange service主机不能启动: exchange information store不能启动: 相关应用程序事务日志事件中的错误: 来源MSExchange Common 事件ID 4999 Watson 报告将发送到 dw20.exe,进程 ID: 4972,参数: E12N,c-rtl-AMD64,08.01.0291.001,store.exe,EXOLEDB.DLL,2

Office 2013 windows 8.1 激活總是提示連接不到KMS伺服器 2015-10-15

今天遇到office 2013无法使用KMS激活的问题,使用cscript opps.vbs /act 总是提示联系不到KMS服务器. 检查了下KMS服务器的端口1688以及防火墙是开启状态,看了KMS服务器本身也没有问题,实在找不到头绪. 搜索Office 2013KMS激活的微软网站,找到了这个