STM32 HAL庫 UART使用printf 2015-10-16

STM32 HAL庫 UART使用printf
// 添加这个函数 int fputc(int ch,FILE *f) { uint8_t temp[1]={ch}; HAL_UART_Transmit(&UartHandle,temp,1,2); } MDK设置:勾选Use Micro LIB   测试板子:STM32F746NG-DISCOVERY main.c文件 /* Includes */ #include ...

STM32L0 HAL庫 TIM定時1s 2015-10-17

STM32L0 HAL庫 TIM定時1s
STM32L0的定制器资源: 本实验使用TIM6 HSI频率是16Mhz,则单指令周期是1

STM32L0 HAL庫 UART 串口讀寫功能 2015-10-19

STM32L0 HAL庫 UART 串口讀寫功能
串口发送功能: uint8_t TxData[10]= "01234abcde"; HAL

STM32 HAL drivers < STM32F7 2015-10-20

STM32 HAL drivers < STM32F7
Overview of HAL drivers   The HAL drivers were designed to offer a rich set of APIs and to interact easily with the application upper layers.Each driver consists of a set of functions coveri